• Ops!Pois Bracelet OPSBR-38

Ops!Pois Bracelet OPSBR-38

Swinging, twirling, dance like the frantic pace of Rock and Roll. I am the soft hearts of silicone collections OPS! for the creations that are inspired by the fabulous 50's. Come to mind the wide tulle petticoats, fitted shirts, hairstyles collected and ponytails. Leather jackets for boys and lots of color ... OPS! Love Polka Dot line is homage to the 50s' with his unpublished POIS which create a delightful visual effect where the colors blend gently. Final effect at a Glance ... a tray of delicious desserts, donuts, marshmallow, colorful cupcakes ... like a rain of bon bon ... The entire line of bracelets OPS! Polka Dot Love is scented ...a sweet strawberry fragrance, able to surprise you with a touch of playful lightheartedness.


Soft Touch Resin Chain

Silicon Heart with pois texture

Stainless Steel OPS! Tag

T-bar buckle


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