OXMO Jewellery is a Polish brand of fashion jewelry born of passion for creating unique beauty which inspired each project. This brand is addressed to women who appreciate above all quality and workmanship worn jewelry. The collection includs: bracelets with natural stones, chain bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Oxmo specializes in the production of bracelets with natural stones, putting on unique minerals, with whom many clients meet for the first time. Thus providing the largest selection of items available on the market in this category in highest quality. In care of the highest items quality in the manufacturing process Oxmo jewelery uses carefully selected natural stones. This is an extremely important stage based on knowledge which allows the uncompromising selection of only the highest quality minerals. As a result, in the finished product jewelery you will find perfectly matched stones, characterized by a uniform calibration and the ideal cut.




All decorative elements used in OXMO jewelry are made from the highest quality of sterling silver (probe 925) and coated with 2 micron layers of 24k gold. This technique, combined with meticulous precision of these components, exposes and enhances the natural beauty of the stones.

Luxury SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are embedded into a variety of styles. Swarovski crystals are characterized by the clearness of the cut, which intensify the color and brilliancy.

Each product in the entire collection is signed with our logo, made of of sterling silver plated with gold.